We are committed as a team to being a high quality provider of capital to those with whom we are in business - companies, sponsors and intermediaries. We will be timely in our responses to financing requests, direct in our approach to evaluation and feedback, and candid about our process. We believe this philosophy will benefit us and our transaction partners over the long term.

  • We seek to commit patient, relationship-oriented financing to companies seeking capital and look to build long term value by partnering with disciplined management teams with growth-oriented strategies. 
  • We do not participate in day to day management of our portfolio companies but serve as a valuable resource on strategic, operational and financial issues facing management. 
  • We provide our portfolio companies with access to our network of relationships, contacts and experience. Firm principals and our Advisory Board members have broad experience and relationships in venture capital, investment banking, commercial banking and operational capacities.
  • We bring an understanding of the relative strengths and opportunities in various parts of the capital markets critical to maximizing value and look to partner with management to build company value.